Vapor Phase Soldering     Methods Automation is pleased to kick off 2020 with a new addition to our product line: the Rehm CondensoX Series Vapor Phase.  Because of its ability to control heat transfer through use of their unique process, we have found Rehm to be particularly attractive to the defense and aerospace market … Read More

Automating the Materials Management Process

Part 1 of 4 INTRODUCTION Over the next five months, Methods Automation will be publishing a series of articles about automating the PCA materials management process.  Many of our customers have expressed having a goal of becoming more organized and cost-efficient in this area.  Automating the materials management process is one part of becoming a … Read More

Seica Pilot V8 NEXT

Over the last decade, flying probes have become an essential part of testing circuit boards in an assembly line.  Flying probe is typically more desirable than the traditional bed of nails in-circuit system because of the lack of fixtures dedicated to a specific kind of board, allowing the possibility of setting up test programs without … Read More

2019 IPC Training

      There are new and exciting things happening in the world of IPC training this year!  Methods Automation and Circuit Technology are pleased to announce a new IPC training facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  This facility was opened to better serve our customers in Virginia—we look forward to opening our doors to new students … Read More

Methods Automation now offering SCHUNK Electronic Solutions!

    We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Methods Automation lineup: SCHUNK Electronic Solutions, number one global provider of gripping systems, clamping technology, PWA routers, depanelizers and linear motor actuators.  Their reputation for precision, reliability, and longevity has grown this family-owned company to more than 3,000 employees worldwide.  With 70 years … Read More


We have added PVA to the Methods Automation portfolio to offer a comprehensive dispensing and coating solution for our electronic manufacturing customers.  After an extensive evaluation of the companies serving this category, it became obvious that PVA was the market leader for all the right reasons including current product offerings, configurations flexibility, customer service and … Read More

Step Stencils

Multi-level stencils, also known as “step” stencils, are developed using multiple techniques to improve stencil printing.  Mixed steps (up & down) have become an important component of stencil printing because, when adjusting aperture sizes and stencil thickness fails to optimize solder paste volumes, step stencils “step up to the plate” to meet the challenge. How … Read More

APEX 2018 Highlights Market Trends

Methods Automation was thrilled to participate in this year’s IPC APEX Show in San Diego, California. After speaking to suppliers over the course of the event, we gathered that there has been significant growth in sales over the past year within the industry.  The unanimous feedback was an optimistic approach for the future, with many … Read More


We are starting 2018 with some exciting news!  Methods Automation is pleased to be representing a new product line, Optical Control. The SMD X-Ray Scanner OC-SCAN CCX.3 provides automated inventory counting with >99.9% accuracy for reels, matrix trays, cut tape and sticks. The OC-SCAN CCX.3 was first introduced in 2013, and has since undergone continued … Read More