If you have PCB cleaning concerns such as flux polymerization associated with PB-free alloys or spray impingement, see which Aqueous Technologies system can help.
The DRS27 offers high precision, thermally challenging, large BGA rework. The multiple field-of-view camera enables you to view extremely close-up for precision alignment.
If you’re looking for high mix/high volume reflow oven with rapid response times and precise temperature controls, the 1809 Mark II may be right for you.
slide3_Heller 1809 MK III
FCT Assembly’s products include leaded and lead-free solder paste, wire solder, bar solder, flux, laser cut SMT Stencils and high precision custom laser cutting services.
slide4_FCT Assembly
The SM482 is an advanced large feeder capacity, large component range flexible mounter that also handles odd-shaped parts.
If you need a fast, cost-effective stencil printing solution, see which Momentum is right for you.
slide6_MPM Momentum
The WXD dual channel soldering and desoldering rework station offers a single platform for multiple tools with intelligent tool recognition, increased accuracy and multi-purpose USB control.
slide7_WXD_2020 (2)

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