Zestron Vigon NX 700

Ready to Revolutionize your PCB Cleaning Process? 

Zestron and Methods Automation are proud to introduce the NEXT-GENERATION in pH-neutral cleaning technology!  VIGON® NX 700 is a REVOLUTIONARY water-based, pH neutral cleaning agent specifically developed for the use in spray-in-air inline and batch equipment.


  • Working solution VOC levels below 25 g/L and VOC levels below the latest SCAQMD and OTC regulations.

Superior Cleaning Performance

  • Targets newer generations of solder pastes and fluxes with exceptional cleaning performance, especially under low profile components.

Process Efficiency

  • Performs well at low application concentrations in specific processes and is easily rinsed yielding a wide process window and reduced equipment maintenance.

pH Neutral

  • Excellent material compatibility with sensitive materials, coatings and labels.

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ZESTRON Analytical Services & Support

ZESTRON offers you the analytical services and expertise needed to ensure you meet your precision cleaning requirements. Ionic contamination testing, ion chromatography, visual inspection, FTIR, failure analysis and contract cleaning- It’s all done right here in our Manassas, VA technical center.



Rapid Turnaround Times

Our customers can count on fast service turnaround times for project completion


Comprehensive Analytical Services

We use the latest analytical methods and testing to ensure your 100% confident in your process.


Detailed Reporting

Receive a detailed technical report with testing data and process recommendations.


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