Apollo Seiko – Robotic Soldering

We are excited to announce that Methods Automation is now representing Apollo Seiko, a worldwide leader in the robotic soldering industry. 

Apollo Seiko offers a variety of robotic soldering options suitable for many production applications and utilizing several different soldering technologies including iron tip, laser, ceramic sleeve, and selective flow.  Beyond soldering, there are a number of related tasks that they have developed such as tools to automate and streamline board cutting, screw tightening, generalized cartesian applications, fluid/ adhesive dispensing and more.

Since 1969, Apollo Seiko has been committed to the research and development of advanced soldering solutions.  They have patented many advances in selective soldering technology including versatile iron tip design, innovation solder feeding techniques and nitrogen integration to provide low-cost, lead free soldering solution for both robotic and hand soldering applications.



Automated Soldering

  • Iron tip soldering
    • 8 seconds to exchange iron cartridge without tools
    • Iron tip always returns to the exact same position after replacement
    • Direct heating systems conducts the heat quickly to the iron tip
    • Select the most suitable tip profile from a wide variety of iron cartridges, including custom-shaped
    • Built-in nitrogen nozzle iron cartridges available
  • Sleeve soldering
    • Constant, consistent amount of solder without spattering
    • Few consumable parts, few repairs, easy maintenance
    • No flux spattering or solder balls
  • Laser soldering
    • Non-contact, eliminates risk of marring or damaging sensitive components
    • Micro-sized laser beams for applications too small for iron tip soldering

To request additional information about Apollo Seiko’s product offerings, please email [email protected]