Automating the Materials Management Process

Part 3 of 4


This month, we continue our 4-part series focused on automating the PCA materials management process.  In October 2019 we shared the first part of this series, which described functionality and benefits of an incoming material station.  April 2020’s post focused on the automated component storage, specifically the features of the automated storage tower.  To read these posts, follow the links below:

The July article will focus on the process of integrating the automated component storage towers into the factory environment:

  • Connecting to the ERP system
  • The MES system
  • Incoming materials process
  • X-ray component counters

Stay tuned for the last part of this series, which will focus on the use of automated transport, such a AGV’s (Autonomous Guided Vehicles), to collect the materials from the component storage towers and distribute them to the proper locations on the factory floor.  It will also describe the challenges of the ultimate goal of the “Lights Out Factory.”

To download white paper on the third part of this series please click below: