Automated Component Storage

Part 2 of 4


This month, we continue our 4-part series focused on automating the PCA materials management process.  In October 2019 we shared the first part of this series, which described functionality and benefits of an incoming material station.

As a reminder, the series will cover the following topics / products:

  1. Incoming material station
  2. Automated component storage
  3. Integrating the storage system with internal ERP / MRP
  4. Physical automation / loading & unloading

The April article will focus on the automated component storage, specifically features of the automated storage tower:

  • Types and basic features of storage towers
  • Bare reel versus cases
  • Adjustable cases
  • One component at a time, or kit pulling
  • MSD component management
  • Floor space
  • Cost per reel
  • UltraFlex technology


To download white paper on the second part of this series please click here:

Automated Component Storage – Key to the Automated Warehouse for Industry 4.0