ViTiny UM08 HDMI Digital Microscope


The ViTiny UM08 Tabletop HDMI Inspection Microscope delivers full HD 1080P images at 60 fps, so it is an excellent product to consider for speedy inspection on PWA production lines.  The product is equipped with WDR image processing, noise reduction, and image stabilization technologies.

The built-in 5 object lens offers a parfocal distance at WD 82 mm for continuous zoom in from FOV of 18.3 mm to 2.8 mm with larger magnification.  An IR remote controller is used to adjust the focus, zoom, exposure value, LED light brightness, white balance, and more without touching the microscope body.  Additionally, the camera for the microscope can be connected to an HD monitor through an HDMI cable.


  • SMT PCBs
  • LED Chips
  • Woody Stems

Highlighted Features

  • Shutter control, real-time defogging processing
  • WDR image process
  • Noise reduction
  • Mirror to rotate and flip images
  • Smart D-Zoom enlarges specific areas

Additional Features

  • Magnification: 12x – 132x on 21.5” monitor per 4x lens
  • Working distance: 21.8cm – 2.2cm
  • CMOS sensor: 2M pixels
  • Dimension: ⱷ106 x 152 mm
  • Built-in 30 PCS of top view & wide angle LED light, allow to adjust the brightness
  • IR remote control focus system for optional manual focus and auto-focus
  • HDMI signal output 1080P
  • Built-in external light socket
  • Power supply: DC 5V/2A, cable length: 180 cm

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