We have added PVA to the Methods Automation portfolio to offer a comprehensive dispensing and coating solution for our electronic manufacturing customers.  After an extensive evaluation of the companies serving this category, it became obvious that PVA was the market leader for all the right reasons including current product offerings, configurations flexibility, customer service and cost.

Electronics is only one of six industries that PVA supplies to, including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, military / defense, and renewable energy.  PVA began in 1992 when president Anthony Hynes began selling dispensing valves for automated and manual dispensing applications out of his home.  Today, PVA is headquartered on a 105,000 square foot facility in Cohoes, NY and has regional offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

PVA has been been recognized as a market leader in engineered dispensing solutions for printed circuit board assembly because of the following qualities:

  • Precise material deposits
  • Closed-loop motion
  • Tight process control
  • Global, 24/7 service network

PVA satisfies the following applications in the electronics assembly market:

  • Selective conformal coating of circuit boards
  • Thermal interface materials to dissipate heat
  • Solder paste and filled epoxies
  • Potting of electronics for harsh environments
  • Jetting underfill of BGA components to provide structural integrity
  • Chip bonding with surface mount adhesives

To learn more about PVA’s products and offerings, visit their website at www.pva.net