Breakthrough Developments in AOI Technology:


Nordson YESTECH’s FX-940 ULTRA 3D AOI combines advanced 2D and 3D imaging technology to provide a superior inspection solution.  The FX-940 ULTRA boasts improvement and increased throughput by way of:

  1. Greatly improved defect identification levels
  2. True solder joint volume measurement
  3. Verification of correct part assembly
  4. > 50% reduction in false calls

A unique feature to the FX-940 ULTRA is that it can be configured for all line positions, and is equally effective for paste, pre / post-reflow and final assembly inspection.  Additionally, the programming can now be accomplished off-line using a bare board, so the need for a completed assembly is no longer required for a good portion of the programming.

The addition of the 3D technology complements the 2D capabilities of the machine by providing precise measurement of the following:

  • Co-planarity of QFNs, BGAs, connectors and other height sensitive devices
  • Solder defects / fillet shape / paste
  • Lead defects / lifted leads
  • Component presence and position
  • Correct part / polarity markings
  • Through-hole parts

Under the hood, the FX-940 ULTRA’s hardware/software systems come together to create a new standard in automated inspection technology.


  • Multi-view 3D sensors with parallel projection for faster inspection times
  • 1 top-down and 4 side viewing 2D cameras for defect review
  • Automatic programming tools: < 30 minutes to create complete inspection program
  • Advanced 2D and 3D rules and image based inspection tools
  • SPC data collection and reporting

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