Automating the Materials Management Process

Part 1 of 4


Over the next five months, Methods Automation will be publishing a series of articles about automating the PCA materials management process.  Many of our customers have expressed having a goal of becoming more organized and cost-efficient in this area.  Automating the materials management process is one part of becoming a “smart factory,” albeit an important and easily justifiable stepping stone to achieving this goal.

This series will cover the following topics / products:

  1. Streamlining the incoming material process
  2. Automated component storage systems and options
  3. Integrating the storage system with internal ERP / MRP
  4. Physical automation / loading, unloading and SMT line replenishment

We are excited to share this series with you, as these articles will describe the steps, benefits, and cost savings associated with automating this critical aspect of your operation. 

To download white papers on the first part of this series please click here: Automating the Incoming Materials Process as part of Industry 4.0.