AMP One Ultra Low Voiding Solder Paste

Hot topic: Why is voiding a problem?

Voids have the potential to cause two major defects in a PCB solder joint:

  • Voids can lead to mechanical weaknesses which can create cracks in the solder joint.
  • Voids can also hinder thermal dissipation, preventing heat transfer away from a component, ultimately leading to thermal failure.

Combining new advances in product technology as well as strong technical support, FCT Assembly provides numerous solutions as an attempt to help electronics manufacturers mitigate voiding.

Voiding Solution: AMP One Ultra Low Voiding Solder Paste

FCT Assembly has developed AMP One Ultra Low Voiding Solder Paste in response to the voiding issues.  FCT Assembly is redefining the voiding standard for PCB Assembly by combining industry low levels of voiding performance with excellent activity and decreasing the potential for solder balling and graping.  AMP One delivers assembler an unmatched ability to save time and produce higher yields.

AMP One Features

  • Ultra-Low Voiding
    • Based on 3rd party studies, AMP One provides lower voiding than comparable no clean lead-free solder pastes
    • Proprietary additives enhance de-gassing ability of solder paste
    • Additives allow gas bubbles to escape from solder joints before solidification, resulting in ultra-low voiding
  • Excellent Stencil Life & Response to Pause
    • Longer stencil life than comparable no clean lead-free solder pastes
    • Can be used on printer for up to 8 hours
    • AMP One tolerates pauses in printing very well—after an 8 hour pause, AMP One printed normally without kneading
  • Superior Reflow Characteristics
    • Excellent wetting
    • Solder balling very low
    • Graping best in class
    • Tolerates wide range of reflow profiles

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